Jeez, I don’t like this new layout.

Just thought I’d say that this new layout…kind of sucks. It’s hard to navigate around now, and I’m having a hard time figuring out what goes where. Also, no dashboard? How do I get to my stuff?! At least I can still navigate around YouTube whenever it updates.


I don’t know why I wrote this.

Author’s note: I thought I should post something, so I just decided to start throwing things at a piece of paper. Enjoy.

There are three jars of vitamins on my desk to my left. There is a LEGO treehouse and Delorean DMC-12 Time Machine replica to my right. I have headphones directly in front of me. I need to renew my lisence plates. My wallet has way too many coins in it. It makes my butt hurt when I sit on it.

I should be doing physics. Actually, physics is really cool. Wanna know how to figure out force? Simple. Figure out how massive an object is. Figure out the acceleration. Multiply the two. Say your object is 53 kg, and it is accelerating to the right at about 4.2 m/s^2. How many newtons of force is being acted upon the object to make it move to the right? 222.6 N is the correct answer. F = ma. 222.6 N = (53kg)(4.2 m/s^2). Neat, huh?

Meh, basic physics. Hogan’s Heroes is about to come on. Better get back to the books so I can watch it. My brother is building an Ultra Hand out of LEGO. He and I like both Nintendo and LEGO alot if you can’t tell. And old TV comedies. I like anime too, but him not so much. Welp, my show’s on now. Not sure why I decided to just blab all this out, but I am.


Time Fracture System Mechanics

Author’s Note: And now for something a little different. I actually thought up these system mechanics a long time ago and wrote them down, but I’m just now posting them. They’ve gone through lots of revisions, and you can probably expect me to change, add, or remove some things in the future. It’s still very much a concept, and not an actual game yet. If you like reading about how a game will play, then this is for you.

Time Fracture Systems explanation

Note: this guide will use numerical notion. For reference, 5 is the neutral position, 6 is forward, 4 is back, 2 is down, and 8 is up. 7 and 9 are the up back and up forward directions respectively, while 1 and 3 are the down back and down forward direction respectively. All inputs assume you are facing right.

The controller has 4 buttons, A, B, C, and D. A is your weakest attack, D is your strongest. D is also used for certain actions such as MAX bursts.

Double Jump: Every character can perform a double jump by jumping again in midair (j.8). Hawk has the special ability to triple jump.

Super Jump: Every character can perform a Super Jump by pressing down then quickly pressing up (28). A super jump is higher than a normal jump, but you cannot air dash or double jump after one.

Run, Dash, or Back step: Every character can either run or dash. A run is when the character breaks out into a sprint by pressing forward twice (66) and holding after the second press. Certain characters are unable to run, but can instead perform a dash also by pressing forward twice (66) which causes them to move forward quickly for a fixed distance. Every character can perform a back step, which a quick hop away from the opponent by pressing back twice (44). Back steps usually have some invincibility.

Air Dash: Every character can perform an Air Dash by pressing forward or backward twice in midair (j.66 or j.44). This propels the character forward or backward quickly through the air. During an air dash, you cancel into any attack at any time.

Aerial Mobility rule: you can only perform one of three actions after a jump: a double jump, forward air dash, or backward air dash. You cannot perform more than one movement action following a single jump. Hawk is the exception to this rule. Since Hawk is able to triple jump, her aerial mobility rules are slightly modified. She can air dash forward or backward after a double jump, but not a triple jump. In addition, she can air dash forward or backward, and then use a double jump, but not a triple jump. Hawk cannot perform both a forward and backward air dash in a single jump. You cannot air dash or double jump after a super jump, but Hawk can perform a triple jump after a super jump.

Chain action:

Generally, you can press the buttons in order from A to D on the ground or in the air to pump out an easy chain combo.

Auto combo:

By rapidly pressing the A button, you will perform an automatic combo. If you have 50 MAX points, it will even finish with a MAX burst.


Press B and C when near the opponent to throw them. Throws are unblockable, and can be used on the ground or in the air. The ground throw can be used either forward or backward, but the animation is the same in both directions. The air throw cannot change directions.

Guard gauge:

Located on your character’s health bar is the Guard gauge. As you block attacks, this gauge depletes. After blocking too many attacks, your character will become guard broken, and open to attack. Once guard broken, the guard gauge immediately refills, so if the opponent fails to capitalize with a big combo, you can go right back to blocking. The guard gauge refills on its own when you are not blocking attacks, and refills faster if you are dealing damage.

Guard Push:

Press back (4) plus A and D to perform a Guard Push. This is a no damage attack that pushes the opponent back a short distance to give you some breathing room. It consumes a little bit of the guard gauge when used.

MAX gauge usage:

By attacking, defending, or taking damage, you gain MAX points, which go into the blue gauge at the bottom of the screen. The MAX gauge is divided into four sections, each worth 25 points. The MAX gauge is used for various actions depending upon the amount of points used. Any MAX points left over at the end of a round are carried over to the next.

MAX Burst:

For a cost of 50 MAX points, you can perform a MAX Burst, a more powerful “super” version of any special attack. These attacks deal more damage, have different properties compared to their normal counterparts, and usually look rather flashy. Some MAX Burst versions of special attacks even have a unique animation when performed. To perform a MAX Burst, press the D button in addition to the A, B, or C button to perform the MAX burst version of the attack (none of the special attacks in the game use the D button alone as part of their input). For example, if a character’s input is 214A, pressing D in addition to A will activate the MAX burst version of that special attack.

MAX Counter:

For a cost of 25 MAX points, you can perform a MAX Counter. This is a special attack unique to every character that can only be used while blocking. When used, it automatically deals a critical counter state to the opponent, opening up the possibility for devastating combos. To use a MAX Counter, press forward after blocking an attack and press the D button (6D).

EX gauge usage:

Directly on top of the MAX gauge, is the EX gauge. This gauge is a bit more nuanced than the MAX gauge, as it is used for utilities rather than flat out offensive actions. The EX gauge does not fill in the same way that the MAX gauge fills. Rather, it fills passively. The only way to make the EX gauge fill faster is to take damage. The lower your damage, the more EX gauge you will earn. The highest speed at which the EX gauge fills caps at 50% health. You stop gaining EX points while attacking, doing combos, while taking damage, and while being hit by combos, but the gauge resumes filling once you stop giving or taking damage. The EX gauge is divided into two sections, each worth 50 points. Unlike the MAX gauge, any EX points left over at the end of a round are not carried over to the next. If you act too defensively for too long, you will be inflicted with the “bunker” penalty, and will lose all your EX points and will be unable to earn more EX points until you hit the opponent at least once. Avoid the bunker state by advancing forward, using attacks, landing attacks, blocking attacks, and taking damage more than you retreat. The bunker state takes about 8 in game seconds of overly defensive behavior to activate, but does not activate if you are constantly blocking attacks. You can only gain EX points continuously without performing any actions for 4 in game seconds. This is to keep you from camping while blocking attacks and waiting for your EX gauge to charge up.

EX cancel:

For a cost of 50 EX points, you can perform an EX cancel. This action cancels the recovery frames of an attack’s animation, returning your character to his/her standing animation. This action is used to extend combos by linking moves that are not normal comboable, or making an unsafe move safe on block. After using an EX cancel, the 50 EX points necessary to perform is instantly converted to 25 free MAX points. The input to use an EX cancel is B and D as an attack hits the opponent.

Breaker Field:

For a cost of 50 EX points, you can perform a Breaker Field. This is a no damage attack that is used to break free from combos. It interrupts any action that the opponent is performing and pushes them away from the user, allowing for the tables to be turned. Unlike the EX cancel, performing a Breaker Field does not convert EX points into MAX points. Instead, it burns the required 50 EX points. The input to use a Breaker Field is A and C at once while being hit or while blocking.

EX Boost Mode:

For a cost of 100 EX points, you can enter a powered up state known as EX Boost mode. During this state, the EX gauge becomes a timer, and your character’s movement speed, jumping height, and air dash distance are all increased. Your character can also perform infinite and automatic EX cancels, meaning they are able to perform combos they otherwise could not perform. Finally, your character also gains the ability to use a unique attack known as a “Boost Drive”, a very powerful attack used to end a boost mode combo. It consumes the remainder of the EX gauge upon use, but costs no MAX points to use. Press all four buttons to enter EX Boost Mode.

Last Words:

For a cost of 100 MAX points during EX Boost Mode, you can perform your character’s “Last Words”. These attacks instantly kill the opponent if they connect, but there are requirements that must be fulfilled in order to gain access to this almighty attack. In addition to the cost described above, your opponent must be at 35% health or less, and you must be one round away from winning the match. If the attack lands, your character will perform a flashy finishing move that cannot be withstood. However, if your character misses the attack, it will backfire, and cause them to lose access to both their MAX gauge, and their EX gauge, as well as be inflicted with a “danger” state for the remainder of the round, causing them to take 1.2x damage.

Unique Gauges:

Some characters have special mechanics that are measured by a special gauge unique to that character. These gauges are located above the MAX gauge next to the EX gauge.

When’s Chapter 2?


Well, to tell you guys the truth, I completely lost any sort of drive to continue working on .01. The same goes for another story I started and never finished, Skies Ablaze. What happened? Well, lot’s of things.

First of all, College happened. I still have alot of free time, but I’d much rather spend it drawing than writing, or the old standby, video games. I’ve gotten into fighting games alot recently, and learning how to get good at those takes alot of research. Needless to say, the freeware fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N. is really addictive to say the least, and I’ve spent months creating my own mega-crossover fighting game….really more like a fighting sandbox.

So what does that mean about either of my two stories? Well, I really don’t know if I will finish them. I can’t remember where the plots were going for either one, so it’ll be hard to try to rewrite them based on what I already have. I’ll think about coming back to them, but in the meantime, just enjoy the occasional piece of art that I upload here.

Rock on,


So I drew this

BlazBlue Group Cosplay

So last week I hung out with the two groups of my closest friends, and I think I may have successfully joined them into one group (evil laugh). We went to an arcade that I and my friends Ben and Branden frequent, and we played some BlazBlue. All of us enjoyed it, so I had this weird idea to draw a picture of the five of us decked out in BlazBlue cosplay. Each of us is wearing a costume that either fits that person the best, or is that person’s favorite character. From left to right, Josh is Bang Shishigami, Sarah is Rachel Alucard, I am Ragna the Bloodedge, Branden is Jin Kisaragi, and Ben is Kagura Mutsuki. I’m pretty pleased with the results. BlazBlue costume designs have to be some of my favorites.

Hakumen vs. Terumi


In commemoration of the release of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma in Japan, I drew this picture of Hakumen (left) taking on Yuuki Terumi (right). This was alot of fun to draw, though Hakumen is a really tough character to get right.

Time Fracture Story Kind-of Prologue

Author’s Note: Here’s the setup for the story line of my fighting game. We are introduced to the main character, his two friends are mentioned, and three other mysterious unnamed figures make appearances. I tried to make this really cryptic, and I think I succeeded. Since this is really a brainstorming piece and not quite as much a set in stone storyline, I’d like to know what my readers think. Should I keep it, tweak it, or tear it down and start all over?

-Phase 0-

“Wake up. I need to speak to you.”

The young man hears a mysterious voice as he opens his eyes and picks himself up off the ground. After shaking his head, he looks around. Everywhere he looks there is nothing but black, save for the beams of light surrounding him and the middle aged man in front of him.

“Who are you? And…who am I for that matter?”

“I suppose I should have been a bit more careful when I brought you here. It had an effect on your memory.”

“Well, I remember who I am, but I don’t…ugh, it’s hard to explain. Let me rephrase that. What is my identity?”

The middle aged man gives a slight grin and pushes his glasses up to his eyes. “So that is what you lost. Pulling you into this time pocket caused you to lose any memory of your identity. So you do not know your name, but you DO remember everything else.”

“Then, can you tell me?” asked the young man.

“I do not actually know anything about you personally, but I saw that you were in danger from afar and rescued you.”

“Rescued me? What are you talking about?”

“The umbra, that’s what I rescued you from. They are creatures that literally take the form of shadows cast by physical objects. Depending on the size of shadows, umbra can become very powerful creatures. If an umbra manages to take the form of a dark room, you’d best not go into that room.”

The young man had never heard of anything like this before.

“As for how you lost your sense of identity, it was because you were catapulted into this time pocket. I don’t really know why mortals lose their sense of identity from being thrown out of reality into a fantasy, but that’s just the way it works. So I’ll need to call you something until you remember who you are.”

“Won’t I recall everything once I return to reality?” asked the young man.

“Nope. The damage is done, so you’ll have to go by an alias until you are able to recover your identity.”

“I’ll just ask someone I know. I’d rather not be called by some silly nickname.”

“It’s not that easy. All of the people you know have forgotten your identity. And before you ask, your driver’s license has forgotten as well.”

The young man lets out an aggravated groan. “Alright. What’s my nickname?”

“I’ll call you Zero.”

“That’s really encouraging. Any meaning behind it?”

“I’d call you something else, but because you’re such a loner, I felt the name fit.”

“I guess, but I could think of some better ones.”

“Now, since I’m sending you back, you’ll need something to protect yourself from the umbra in case this happens again.” The middle aged man snaps his fingers, and the room flashes white, then returns to its normal color.

“Uh, what just happened?” asked the young man.

“Check either one of your wrists, and you’ll see.”

The young man holds up one of his hands, and a ring of turquoise flames encircles one of his wrists.

“What is it?”

“It’s a fracture ability. This one is called burst aether, and allows you to project your offensive actions with little to no effort in the form of turquoise flames and sword-like constructs. I believe you will find it useful in the future.”

“Uhh, thanks. I think.”

“I’m sending you off now. I’ll probably see you again.”

“Wait, you never told me your name.”

“My name? Just call me ‘The Officer’.”

And with that, the middle aged man disappeared, and the young man’s vision slowly faded to white.

-Phase 1-

Zero finds himself on the sidewalk of a city street at night. Very few people are walking the streets, and the ones that are just walk right past him. Getting up to his feet, Zero looks around. Maybe his friends Rina and Chris are nearby.

Rina and Chris had recently gained strange abilities, and Zero was jealous that he hadn’t gotten any abilities himself. They explained that they encountered a strange man wearing casual clothes, sporting a pair of glasses and goatee. They also explained something about strange creatures called “umbra”, and separations from reality known as time pockets. It seemed weird to Zero. When he reminisced about all this, he felt like he’d gone through something similar himself, but he just couldn’t put a finger on it.

“My head really hurts right now,” Zero said to himself as he clutched his head with one hand. A question popped into his mind that really had no context to him at all. “How come they didn’t forget who they were?”

Zero continued to walk along the sidewalks until he was about to reach the waterfront. A towering sky scraper loomed behind him. The street lights of the city cast shadows in many directions, creating strange flower patterns as people walked under them. Zero suddenly felt a strange sense of uneasiness.

He thought he could hear footsteps behind him, so he turned around quickly in an attempt to eliminate the element of surprise from any attacker, but there was no one behind him, and no real places to hide.

“This is really odd…” says Zero as he hears more footsteps from the other direction. Eventually, he hears footsteps from all sides. The sound becomes louder, and louder, and louder, until it stops altogether.

“umm…” Zero stood there cautiously, thinking about what was going on. Before he could ask any questions of himself, the shadows he was casting on the ground began to transfigure and took a physical form before his very eyes.

“What?!” was all that Zero could say as the shadows became nearly featureless figures about his height. The first of them lunged at him, brandishing its sharp claw-like fingers. Zero braced for the attack, but as the creature approached him, a turquoise barrier materialized in front of him, knocking the creature back.

Zero was astonished, and then remembered something. He had powers of his own after all, but he couldn’t remember how he got them in the first place. Nevertheless, Zero didn’t have time to waste. Putting distance between himself and the creatures, he raised an arm, causing a sword-like projection to lift out of the ground and catch on fire, destroying the creature that had just attacked him.

The next creature attempted the same attack performed by the previous one, and lunged at Zero with its clawed hands, but Zero quickly stepped around the creature. The creature was then enveloped in a flurry of quick slices that flashed bright turquoise on impact before a final slice flashed through the creature, vanquishing it. Zero wanted to get out of there as quickly as he could, so he decided to attack the last two head on. Running at them as quickly as he could, he could feel a weapon forming in his right hand.

“I’m done with you!” shouted Zero as he jumped up in front of the creatures, with a turquoise katana held in his hands. As he brought the blade down, a violent flurry of flames enveloped the two creatures. When the flames disappeared, so did the creatures.  Zero dropped the blade on the ground, and it vanished as well after making a clanging sound.

“Right. I forgot I could even do that,” he said as he walked back the way he came.

-Parallel Phase-

“So you’re telling me that other people are being granted abilities in the wake of the umbra attacks as well?”

“Not really. Simply encountering the umbra won’t grant the victim some fancy new ability. It’s encountering some strange dude that happens to roam the time pockets that gives them their abilities. He does all sorts of screwy stuff.”

“This ‘screwy stuff’ you speak of, care to share any details?”

“Well, depending on his ‘means of distribution’, he can accidentally make people forget who they are, rewind time, or change outcomes of events until the best solution comes up.”

“Ngh…It’s people like that that irritate me the most. He’s keeping me from coming up with MY solution. Whatever the case, if anyone has an irregular ability, keep them in check. If necessary, beat them. As brutally as you possibly can.”

“Oh don’t you worry; I’ll show everyone just how strong the black void really is.”